Committee Meeting Minutes 03/04/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Monday April 3rd 2017

Attendees Robinson (GR), Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), McGuffie (GM), Hill (RH), Stembridge (JS), Trinick (RT), Shutes (AS).


The meeting was chaired by Mr born again GR:

1. Handidcaps (GM)
All in hand. Nothing to report.

2. Website (JS)
JS and Mike Lee are working to incorporate a photograph tab in the website. All agreed that photographs should be golf related and vetted by a responsible committee member (ummm who?). JS advised that some 20 man days of programming would be needed to make the site updateable by others. JS does not currently have the time to do this.
ACTION: JS to advise when he can progress.

3. Fixtures (RL)
Anniversary Tour 2017. 40 members now signed up. Final total cost subject to exchange rate. The committee agreed that this cost uncertainly would be absorbed by WAGS and as Zeta Tours takes no margin, RL's accommodation, flights and golf would also be absorbed by WAGS.
Tour dinner confirmed for the Thursday, with Mr Burn as fines captain for the Friday (at golf club). RH drafting draw and FA cup.
ACTION: RL to investigate a restaurant for Saturday night (for all, but not compulsory).
ACTION for all Members: SATURDAY tour golf to be "the Beamers Fashion shirt day".
ACTION: CB/GM to send email reminding all that final tour payment is now due.
2017 season. All venues and dates now agreed and posted on website.

4. Finance (CB)
Year to end 2017 status:
Current account £19518
Deposit account £4
Less members Funds -£6957
Plus 2017 Tour deposit £4000
Less Hole in One Fund No 1 £1,500
Less Hole in One Fund No 2 £399
Society Balance £14666 (of which £10000 granted for 2017 tour)

5. Merchandise (RT)
50 tour shirts @ £28 each to be ordered.

6. Membership (RH)
CB has sent annual invoices to 51 members, one or two who may not renew. In addition we have one overseas and one country member.
Discussion on Junior WAGS concluded that the current 4 or 5 "next generation of WAGS" who are now all over 25 yrs old can either
1) play as occasional guests, but not be entitled to win prizes, except NP or LD, or
2) if they expect to play 3 or more times a year, pay a discounted annual sub of £30, receive the normal green fee discount AND be entitled to win all prizes.

7. AOB

8. Next Committee meeting and venue
To be arranged before the Tour.

5th April 2017