Committee Meeting Minutes 10/05/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday 10 May 2017 at the Rose and Crown

Attendees Gerry Robinson (GR), Richard Latham (RL), Richard Trinick (RT), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Bob Hill (RH), John Stembridge (JS). By invitation: Mike Dearden (MD)

ApologiesAnthony Shutes (AS), Chris Bunning (CB)

1. 25th Anniversary Tour: Lisbon 8-11 June 2017
RL advised that the itinerary is unchanged from that recently circulated and the final brochure will be published and circulated within a week.
RL and RH confirmed that the main bill will be paid over the next few days. RL said the advance payments for the Thursday and Sunday dinners will be made during May by credit card which leaves ample time to collect monies from the attendees ahead of the credit card bill being paid in June.
RL will liaise with “The Communicator” GM to ensure a drip feed of advice to the flock on such matters as packing clothes in with the golf bag, don’t forget a Shocking Shirt, find that European Health card/travel insurance contact info and advise your flight details if not with the group. RH will feed GM with details of the playing order and the Europa League for dissemination.

2. Finances
Cash Balance: £ 6,996
Less distributable items
*Retained Members Funds: £ 1,740
*Hole in One Fund No 1: £ 1,500
*Hole in One Fund No 2: £ 414
Society net cash balance: £ 3,342.
Add Lisbon Tour deposits held: £ 10,069
Society Balance 30 April 2017: £ 13,411

3. Website
JS reported that he has made a start on developing modules to enable uploading of data by others e.g. event organisers posting scores. JS will provide updates on his progress. There was also discussion about new technologies such as the recently highlighted scoring App and the role this could one day play.

4. Fixtures
RL reported that 22 (now 24) people have booked for The Shutes Shot Glass. He will liaise with the Skye tourist over capacity. Three people have signed up for The West Country Tour and plans are coming together.

5. Beament Blazer/Waistcoat
MD having been tasked with investigating the Beament Blazer advised that the sensible choice is to obtain one from Samuel Windsor currently advertising at £99 (mainstream suppliers charge £300-£400). RT will follow up. RL agreed to contact Lynda Beament regarding her attendance on 11 August and offered to collect her. The Committee will fine tune how the Blazer and Waistcoat are to be allocated.

Next Committee meeting
GR suggested that a meeting in early September is essential in order to prepare for the appointment of a new Chairman at the AGM on 5 October. Prior to that, meetings will be arranged as is deemed necessary or if a particular matter arises.

Gerry Robinson
11 May 2017