Committee Meeting Minutes 30/08/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday 30 August 2017 at the Rose and Crown

Attendees Gerry Robinson (GR), Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Latham (RL), Richard Trinick (RT), Anthony Shutes (AS) Bob Hill (RH)

ApologiesGerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS)

The meeting commenced at 19.30, despite the Chairman notifying 19.00

1. Handicaps (GM)
No report.

2. Website (JS)
No report.

3. Fixtures (RL)
Somerset Tour 2017
16 signed up, with spaces still available. Lynda Beament is invited to attend one of the evening events.
2018 season
Similar programme to 2017 proposed with the following likely changes:

ACTION RL to prepare draft programme for discussion at AGM

4. Finance (CB)
Current account £13746
Deposit account £4
Less members Funds £1919
Less M. Beament donation £5000
Less Hole in One Fund No 1 £1500
Less Hole in One Fund No 2 £631
Society Balance £4700

5. Merchandise (RT)
No report.

6. Membership (RH)
No report.

7. Committee Elections at forthcoming AGM
The current committee is unanimous in proposing Mike Dearden as Chairman. The existing committee members offer themselves for re-election with the proposal that Chris Bunning and Bob Hill change roles. Members are asked to submit nominations for all posts by 30th September to Gerry Robinson at

8. AOB
Mike Beament has generously left the society the sum of £5000 to be used in accordance with his stated wishes. Further details will be discussed at the AGM.

9. Next Committee meeting and venue

The Meeting closed at 9.12 pm.

31 August 2017