Committee Meeting Minutes 17/11/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Friday 17 November 2017 at the Rose and Crown

Attendees Mike Dearden (MD), Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Latham (RL), Richard Trinick (RT), Anthony Shutes (AS), Bob Hill (RH), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS)


The meeting commenced at 19.38 as GM was late. There was full committee member turnout and much consternation that the new Chair was on anti-biotics and not drinking, and therefore accused of having an STD.

1. Handicaps (GM)
All working well with changes promptly notified after each event. Handicap changes for the Burhill cracker have been advised.

2. Website (JS)
JS advised he may have a gap in his busy schedule and hence be able to progress the ‘python project’; we await spell bound.

3. Fixtures (RL)
5 teams signed up for Burhill, with “three wheels on my wagon” rumoured to be in training for 2018.
2018 season
The following programme is coming together:

ACTION RL to clarify Burhill payment, and look at Chartham for a Wed
General request for James to be last out at the Dyke, always assuming he is confirmed as trans-gender.
The Kent Tour is well advanced in planning – one issue is limited and expensive car parking, so the organizers are looking at park and ride options and perhaps a local coach/minibuses.
Warm tour options are currently Seville as front runner, with Cyprus as possible alternative. Bodrum, Turkey also mentioned which given WAGS new fondness for cities might work better than Cyprus, although RL will look at both.

4. Finance (CB)
Year to 15th November status:
Current account £10914
Deposit account £4
Less members Funds £946
Less M. Beament legacy £4815
Less Hole in One Fund No 1 £1500
Less Hole in One Fund No 2 £721
Society Balance £4928
This was CB’s last report and handover was now in progress to RH. Despite this worrying thought, a huge vote of thanks was given to Chris for his unfailing and reliable services to WAGS.

5. Merchandise (RT)
RT is investigating a red (ie London Scottish compliant) sleeveless windproof top, that even Vip and McCabe would be happy to wear.

6. Membership (RH)
CB (double hatting) and RH chipping in, advised 48 UK members were active plus 3 country/overseas members, making a total membership of 51. Given our “50” cap, we technically have 2 spaces available, if we define 50 as UK active members. It was agreed we could offer these spaces subject to knowing who has or has not re-signed up for 2018.

7. AOB
1. The social is set of Fri 26th January 2018 in the Rose and Crown. ACTION – GM to advertise nearer the time.
2. The Chair proposed to introduce a new trophy to be called the ‘Chairmans Cup’; this would be awarded by the Chairman each year, to a WAGS member who has made a significant contribution to the heath of the society. This was fully supported.

8. Next Committee meeting and venue

The Meeting closed at 9.18 pm.

19 November 2017