Committee Meeting Minutes 28/02/2018

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday 28 February 2018 at the Rose and Crown

Attendees Mike Dearden (MD), Chris Bunning (CB), Bob Hill (RH), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies Richard Latham (RL) (South Africa), Richard Trinick (RT) (Gran Canaria) and Anthony Shutes (AS) (a few snowflakes in Guildford!).

The meeting commenced at 19.40 after food had been ordered “by the few not the many”.

1. Finance (RH)
RH reported that the Society remained solvent with around £10k in the bank after receiving quite a few subs for the new year; an up to date bank statement was due. Only two deposits remained outstanding to pay; Richmond and Worplesdon. Letters had been sent to most members by RH. A few addresses were not on the Wagsite and CB provided them. CB reminded MD and RH to go to their local branch of HSBC to register as new signatories on the bank accounts. AS had already done so.

2. Fixtures (RL)
Many thanks were expressed to Steve Stoner for once again preparing the excellent fixture cards, which were being sent out by RH with the subs letter.
The Kent tour in June was discussed in detail. There were 22 signed up with two places left and GM would send an email to members to get final numbers, prior to inviting guests. It was agreed to have the official tour dinner on the Saturday evening. George Dunsire was elected fines captain for the start of the tour. Transport/parking arrangements were also discussed. MD to clarify nearer the time.
With regards to the Seville tour in October, it was agreed that RL would fully quote for a third round on the Thursday, as, at the moment, there were only two rounds booked.

3. Membership (CB)
There were two potential new members, Andy Rennison, a friend of The Grizz, and Steve Mackinson, who played at Moor Park and Malden last year. CB to pursue. As far as we were aware, no current members had resigned, although there was some doubt over Chris Charman’s back and the status of some other members, eg Toby Caufield (MD to confirm) and Gerry Robinson (Norway). CB advised that there were around 50 members, including the overseas members.

4. Handicaps (GM)
GM advised that there were no changes to handicaps at the end of the 2017 season.

5. Website (JS)
JS advised he had found a new sponsor, ‘The Python’, and had unearthed a significant gap in his busy schedule. He was able to announce a major upgrade to the 20 year old system, that would soon allow others to update the site for accounts, handicaps, events, results, etc; indeed a major contribution to reducing the workload of JS. This was still a work in progress but progress had been made. Thanks John.

6. Merchandise (RT)
In the absence of RT no merchandise was discussed.

7. AOB
There was none, and the Committee then concentrated on drinking the fixture back and at 9.00 the meeting closed.

8. Next Committee meeting and venue

2 March 2018