Committee Meeting Minutes 24/05/2018

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Thursday 24 May 2018 at West Surrey GC

Attendees Mike Dearden (MD), Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Latham (RL), Anthony Shutes (AS), Bob Hill (RH)

Apologies Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Trinick (RT)

The meeting commenced at 0915, in the opulent surroundings of West Surrey Golf Club bar.

1. Handicaps (GM)
Handicaps (GM). All handicap changes can now be managed online by GM.

2. Website (JS)
Progress continues on the "python" upgrade. A few minor teething problems to be fixed by JS.

3. Fixtures (RL)
Kent Tour 2018
18 signed up for Friday with 20+ for the weekend; spaces are still available. MD will email more info nearer the event.
Seville Tour 2018
18 signed up, plus 3 possible tourists.
2018 season
The programme is unchanged, with the notable exception that Mr Bunning has agreed to take over "ownership" of the WAGS Waistcoat event at Richmond.
2019 season
RH suggested we seek member input well before the AGM, for any changes or new ideas for next season.
ACTION: RL /GM to issue an "ideas request" email to all.

4. Finance (CB)
Year to date status:
Income £11,795
less Expenditure £5,234
Surplus for yr £6,561
plus opening surplus £5,026
closing surplus £11,586
M. Beament legacy £4,815
Hole in One Fund No 1 £1,500
Hole in One Fund No 2 £814
ACTION: RH to chase up members owing funds.

5. Merchandise (RT)
The committee confirmed that no item would be sponsored this year, and instead funds be allocated for a better item next season. A number of new members have asked if the black members sweater is available for purchase. Ex Chair James has left his on a random underground train…….
ACTION: RH to chaise up members owing funds.

6. Membership (RH)
Currently stands at 49 UK members and 2 overseas members, plus “junior” WAGS. Mr Chris Poyle is supported for membership (h’cap 18), subject to completion of paperwork proposed and seconded by Tom “GT” Fawcett and Chas Ayres.

7. AOB
Our new Treasurer announced that due to stress and overwork on WAGS book keeping and debt collection, he is not able to attend the AGM; The Old faithful and ever-ready Mr Bunning agreed to be substitute at the AGM.

8. Next Committee meeting and venue

The Meeting closed at 10:17

25 May 2018